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Twilight Fanfic: Decode Ch. 1 -- First Impressions

Title: Decode
Author: shadowfox1119
Rating: Teen (because I can't help myself) 
Pairing:  Jacob/Bella
Summary: "And the WOLF fell in love with the lamb." Ever wonder what Jacob was thinking during his parts in Twilight and New Moon? Well, wonder no further.
Note: This is my first Twilight piece so, please, be nice everyone. It's not going to be anything major because I honestly don't have the time for that right now. I've actually been considering this more of a drabble fic. from Jacob's POV, as it goes over stuff we already known and have seen/read in the novels and movies. And the chapters will only go up through the end of New Moon because I've been very vocal on how that's about as far as read in the books, so I'm sorry if you guys get bored reading over junk you've already read before. I hope you all enjoy this anyway. :)

First Impressions



o                                                        How can I decide what's right

o                                                        When you're clouding up my mind?

o                                                        I can’t win your losing fight

o                                                      All the time.


The smile formed and stayed

as the twig of alabaster

emerged from the deep recesses

of Charlie's old house to greet me

and my father in his wheeled chair.

She was small, whippy, and shy with

a hint of sadness; her own grin's

light never reaching her eyes.

I crept closer when the adults went off to play,

careful, hesitant,

not wishing to startle her.

"Hi, I'm Jacob. We, uh, we used to

make mud pies when we were little."

I husk around a chuckle as I try

to extract an emotion out of her,

preferably one that resembled optimism

A flash of weirdness went through me

as I caught on to the fact that...

I wanted to make her happy.

I wanted those brown, forlorn orbs

to sparkle at the stupid joke I just made.

It was a strange pull in my stomach,

this overpowering protectiveness I felt

towards this girl I had not seen in years.

A corner of her tiny mouth quirked

(not enough…)

and she nodded to assure me that she did

indeed remember who I was.

Then gestured towards our juvenile fathers

pretending to wrestle -- Charlie acting

as if he was going to upend Dad's chair.

"Random or recurring?" She inquired, curious.

I chuckle appropriately, heart stuttering

a beat for no reason other than her


"It gets worse with old age." I reply,

drawing a glow. Far too soon,

we were back in the company of

our respective parents, the topic segueing

on to the ancient, rust-red truck

my old man and I had come to give to

the sleepy, little town's newcomer.

When she realized her gift, a sudden

transformation took over her and

downtrodden features woke up with a shine.

I oh-so-casually mentioned my part in

rebuilding the truck's engine, which, to

my delight, pushed her over the line

into absolute giddiness. I admit, her

accidentally catching my shoulder with

her door as she enthusiastically clambered

into the cab was halfway my fault, due to the

haziness that swept into my ears and around

my brain as a byproduct of her

smile's radiance

(got some crackers to go with

that cheese, Jacob Black?).

I took a mechanic's liberty to insert myself

into her passenger's side and showed-off a bit

by giving her tips on the easiest

way to start the dinosaur up. When the

roar was sounding steadily in our ear canals,

she politely dropped the bomb on our

peaceful "reunion" by casually offering

me rides to school.

In quick stimultantion, my eyebrows furrowed

and I grimaced weakly, shrugging


"Us Injuns only go to school on the

reservation." I explain through another

wisecrack to alleviate things.

To my dismay, the dismal frown flickered

across her face again and I swear

she grew smaller

Before I could do so much as feel an ounce

of guilt, however, the expression melted into

one of resignation and she turned

away from me to face the wheel

in front of her.

"That's too bad." She said quietly,

messing with the gear shift. "It

would have been nice to know one person."

She brought the shift into first and then

half-forgot I was there as she


on backing out of the driveway,

her head swinging

left-and-right to look

over both shoulders to see

out of the windows behind and to the

side of her.

My lips twisted into a thoughtful

curl, watching in a slightly wistful way as her

lovely features (lame-assed Shakespeare I am)

filled the rearview mirror. It reflected

her hypnotizingly brown eyes back at her,

making my heart tumble over a second time

so that it lay "face-down" in arteries.

I unbiddenly wondered,

the truck's squeaky tires

thumping down onto the pavement

of the road beneath us as we started off

on our test drive, where

her surprising influence on me

would lead us to in the near future…

...And I could not decide whether that

last thought was supposed to be

ominous or just downright corny.

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01: If you guys can't read this one, it says "The smile formed and stayed...", which is a line from the J/B drabble fic I may or may not finish writing. Shameless promotion. :b

02: Lyrics from "Won't Give In," by The Finn Brothers.

03: "And the Wolf Fell in Love with the Lamb." << I could not resist. X3

04 & 05: Lyrics from "Sorry," by Daughtry. There's not much of a difference between them besides the heart in the lower right corner, but I couldn't decide whether I liked one or the other.



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